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One man One Idea - Do it better and offer it for less than everyone else
Inspectorsites.com is owned and operated by one man, and that's me, Chuck. I offer a friendly, professional and personal experience for all home inspectors. I am a leader, not a follower. I am not afraid to take a chance and I take the time to listen to my clients and continually improve what I offer. Look around and you will see you have found the right place to trust with your home inspection business website. Talk to others and you will hear Inspectorsites.com is the company that is leading the way this year in the home inspection industry.

I have been online since 1999
I started Inspectorsites.com (formerly called Edge3.com) in 1999 as a full service hosting and development company. In 2005, I reorganized my business and began catering exclusively to home inspectors. This unique focus on one target market allowed me the opportunity to create a web site building and hosting system that directly meets the specific and unique needs of home inspectors, and at the same time offer an easy to use low cost system, without sacrificing quality and service.

I am confident this is the best solution available
Being in direct contact with home inspectors and touring the major home inspection conventions over the last 2 years, I had the opportunity to take a close look at what the competition had to offer. I took the best of the best and adding in your suggestions, built a system from the ground up exclusively for home inspectors. Signing up over 100 new users in the past two years, I am completely confident I have succeeded in my dream and developed the best system available for home inspectors web sites. I pledge to you that I will always offer the best products at the lowest cost and you have my word on that!

Charles Bellefontaine
Bellman Group, Inc.
Owner of Inspectorsites.com

Superior Product and Superior Service
Both ASHI and NACHI have recognized Inspectorsites.com as a "Superior Product" and for offering "Superior Service". There is a reason we are the number one home inspector hosting service

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