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What makes a home inspection website by inspectorsites.com different from the other guys

The Ideal Website Hosting Experience
Inspectorsites.com is a browser based website building system developed exclusively for creating home inspector websites. It is absolutely the easiest and most cost effective way to build and maintain a home inspection website. Anyone that can use a computer can create a home inspection website with InspectorSites. Our preformatted content and professional site templates allow most home inspectors to build their website in less than 20 minutes. Our hassle free registration and technical support means that you will be completely satisfied.

Easy to Create a Home Inspection Website
That's Right, it is very easy for all home inspectors to create a home inspection website! You don't have to know any html, anything about creating graphics, or even logos.  Our home inspector website creation software does all the work for you.  In fact, all you need to know is what you want to say on your website, and if you are not completely sure about that, I start you off with an entire website of preformatted home inspection content.  Your Home Inspector website is completely ready to go without you having to lift a finger, and then our easy to use website building system allows you to customize and add to your website whenever you want.

New Features
I am constantly adding new features to inspectorsites.com. My latest addition is my new report upload / download system called yourpropertyreport.com.  yourpropertyreport.com allows you to upload your finished inspection reports in .pdf format and then contact your clients providing a link to download and view their completed inspection reports. Read more about yourpropertyreport.com or visit the website at http://www.yourpropertyreport.com.

I offer for free what the other guys charge you for
While my competitors are charging you for options and features like contact forms, preformatted content, and site search features, I offer all those home inspection tools for free with your home inspection website.  Some of you may be thinking, "is this a joke, it's too good to be true, how can he afford to give all that away for free when everyone else is charging hundreds of dollars?" Well, its not a joke and its true! How did I manage to do this? I took a look at what everyone else was offering, I spoke with home inspectors to see what they wanted and started from there. I then took the time to plan out and develop a system that is so reliable and easy to use, there's not much more for me to do once I set up your site.  I don't have to spend hours maintaining unreliable equipment and servers, I don't have an office full of employees who need to be paid each month and I don't need to make a million a year to keep in operation. In summary, I understand what its like to start up a business on a budget and I am dedicated to offering the best service at the best price.  I want your home inspector business to succeed. I want you to be happy with inspectorsites.com

Email and hosting are included
My system includes email and web hosting making it a one-stop complete solution to both create and maintain your home inspection business web site.

Superior Product and Superior Service
NACHI has recently recognized Inspectorsites.com for being a "Superior Product" and for offering "Superior Service". There is a reason we are the number one home inspector hosting service.

Here are a few other reasons to choose inspectorsites.com

  • I have developed multiple website templates that can be easily customized with your business logo as well as your affiliation with ASHI, NICASHI, NACHI and NAHI logos.
  • Look professional and established:
    Your competitors have discovered that a website portrays a successful business.  A website is now part of a standard business plan.  If your business does not have a professional and complete website, you will lose business to your competitors.
  • Easy cut and paste features:
    Cut and paste content from other text editors like Microsoft Word or even other websites.
  • Order your domain name and website in one place:
    If you have not purchased your domain name, you can purchase your new domain name right from our website during the signup process.  Our domain registrar, Enom, is the worlds largest domain registrar.
  • Several plans to choose from:
    Inspectors can choose our flagship One Plan or if they need, we offer a "bring your own site" hosting only economy plan.
  • Save expensive start up and printing costs:
    No need for newspaper, flyers or expensive brochures.  Just print your url on your business cards and direct people to your website.
  • Your website is available and working for you 24 hours a day, even while you sleep
  • No long term commitments with month-to-month payment option:
    You may cancel my month-to-month service at anytime.
  • Easily add content:
    Add photos, text, tips or anything else to your website you feel may benefit your customers.
  • Includes an online contact form:
    Want people to contact you from your website, then just activate and include the online contact form module and your visitors can email you directly from your website.
  • Real full featured hosting account:
    You get a full hosting control panel and real email accounts
  • One low monthly fee:
    Unlike other companies, our service includes everything you need to create and maintain your website, includes website hosting and a set number of email accounts.  All for one low monthly fee!
  • No up front design costs:
    Save hundreds of dollars over those $499 + design companies.  We offer the everything they do and more with NO up front design fees.
  • 24 X 7 technical support:
    We offer 24 X 7 online technical support via email, trouble tickets and our online support forum.  Telephone support (1-877-316-0600) is available during standard business hours.
  • Complete step-by-step tutorials:
    We have custom flash tutorials walking you through every step of the process.

Got a question?  Still undecided?  
Just call me Toll Free at 1-877-316-0600, I make it my business to be available assist you!  After all, it's my business to make your business website a success!

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