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Our FREE online Home Inspection report storage

Yourpropertyreport.com is an easy to use browser based report upload / download system. There is no need for complicated passwords and time consuming account creation steps the other systems require. You simply send your clients a link to download their report, then they either go to www.yourpropertyreport.com and enter your name and the report code and click "download", or they click directly on the link you send then. Their inspection report is then instantly viewable by the client right in their own web browser. The they can view, save and print out their report.

Upload (for you)
With yourpropertyreport.com you simply login and upload your finished inspection report. Your report is immediately ready for your client to download. You can then either copy the link or email your client the link using the easy online email interface. It just can not get any faster or easier than this! The whole process takes less than 10 seconds from start to finish!

Download (for your clients) - You choose the method they will download your reports

Unique Report Name Method: ( example. 1111 main anytown ) 
Your client goes to yourpropertyreport.com and enters in your inspector code and report code you sent them in the email. Your finished report downloads and is instantly viewable by the client right in their own web browser.

Full URL Method: ( example. http://www.yourpropertyreport.com/inspector/reportname.pdf )
You client is sent the the full url in the email message allowing them to download their completed inspection report with one click. They do not have to go to www.youpropertyreport.com first.

What does it cost?
A basic account is absolutely free and will work well for most home inspectors.  If you operate a busy inspection business you may need  more disk space and/or data transfer. For those inspectors we offer 100Mb and 200MB upgrade packages for $4.95/mo and $9.95/mo respectively. If you need more, contact us for a custom quote.

How to order yourpropertyreport.com service
Just go over to yourpropertyreport.com and register for an account. It's FREE and takes about 1 minute to complete the registration. Then if you want to order an upgraded package, contact us for an upgrade. Existing clients can add the upgrade from their inspectorsites.com user account area. New clients will need to sign up for service with inspectorsites.com and select the yourpropertyreport.com service upgrade they would like to purchase. If you have any other questions, just open a support ticket or call me and I will be glad to assist you

Can I use this system right in my own website - so my clients come to my website to download their report?
Yes you can.  I offer a "White Label" service for only $4.95 per month in addition to your monthly inspectorsites.com fee.  I charge a one time $29.95 setup fee to create the necessary pages in your website to use this "white Label" service.  Your clients will not know your using yourpropertyreport.com, they will only see your website and your download system.  This "White Label service is only available to inspectorsites.com customers.

Click this link to go to: www.yourpropertyreport.com

Simply enter the domain
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into the domain checker
at the top of the web page
and click "check domain"

- OR -
if you own a domain already,
or know its available simply
click here to sign up


I verify your order for your home inspector website, register your domain (optional), create your home inspector website layout, add in your logo and business info, and set up your website content including free preformatted home inspection content

When I'm done, I send you an email advising you it's time for you to edit the text to your inspection business.
Its that easy!

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