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let me develop a custom logo for your home inspection business

Why do you need a logo?
A logo is one of the most overlooked components of any business and business web site. A logo is the graphical representation of your company.  It is often one of the specific things that a prospective customer looks at before choosing to do business with a company. A good logo can make your company and a bad logo can break your company.  I have several graphic designers on standby to create your business a unique and professional business logo.

What does it cost?
Logos are a flat price $99.  I do not offer refunds on logos. Due to the fact that I use outside developers for your logo, once a design is created, the time spent on the project is unrecoverable. You can be assures that my graphic designers are very fussy during the design process and over 85% of the logos are accepted without need of further revisions or re-works. I can make changes but any changes or updates will cost $59.

I understand that this flat rate no refund policy is not for everyone. It is however a low cost way of getting a truly professional business logo at about 1/2 to 1/4 the cost of the major logo developers.  Remember, you don't have to have inspectorsites.com create your logo to use our system, you are free to have whomever you choose create your logo.

Send me your basic ideas and color choices if any. I will have a custom logo created within seven to ten days. If you need changes those will also be completed within seven to ten days. Payment is expected prior to delivery of your logo. 2 day and 3 day rush service is available at additional cost.

Additional format for business cards and other print
Your logo will arrive in .gif or .jpg format ready for use in your website. If you need additional formats for print use on business cards or stationary, we suggest you purchase additional formats. These must be purchased at the same time as your logo or an additional fee will need to be imposed per order. Due to the amount of logos developed, we do not generally archive old logos for longer than 3 months. Please take this into consideration when choosing to have a logo created by inspectorsites.com.

Pricing List

  • Initial Logo Design $99
  • Changes or updates $59
  • Logo Backup - GUARANTEED storage and retrieval of your logo for LIFE. If you should ever damage or destroy your logo we will RUSH you a replacement set absolutely free of any charges - even if we have to recreate your logo from scratch! Only $25.00!
  • Greyscale Gif - A greyscaled version of your logo (from the original) for trade marking (TM office only accepts b/w). A greyscale gif is also more suitable for printing on business cards and stationary.
    Only $25.00!
  • CD-ROM - Check here if you want a CD-ROM copy sent to you by USPS Priority Mail Only $25.00!
  • Rush Service - 2 Day $59, 3-4 day $49.
  • TIFF Upgrade Package only $149.00!
    - Receive the Basic Gif Package in TWO sizes!
    - PLUS receive a super-sized 300 dpi TIFF bitmap.
    - PLUS ONLY $49.00 for another design after initial logo delivery - for whatever reason!
    (TIFF Upgrade Package can be ordered at a later date for an additional $79.00)
  • VECTOR DeLuxe Package only $199.00!
    - Receive the Basic Gif Package in THREE sizes!
    - PLUS receive a super-sized 300 dpi TIFF bitmap.
    - PLUS receive your logo in THREE Vector formats! - EPS, Adobe Illustrator & CorelDraw!
    - PLUS ONLY $49.00 for another design after initial logo delivery - for whatever reason!
    - PLUS receive one FREE color revision if needed. (Please see Terms for normal revision policies)
    - The vector files give the ability to scale your logo to any size, from business cards to super-size trade show signs!
    (VECTOR DeLuxe Package can be ordered at a later date for an additional $129 if you only order the Gif Basic Package, or $99 if you only order the TIFF Upgrade Package at this time.)

Logo Examples
A few logos that were designed using this service.

Home inspector
Home Inspection business
Home Inspector Logo
Home Inspector training school
Home Inspection Report Creation Software
Home Inspector tools
Home Inspection Business Logo

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I verify your order for your home inspector website, register your domain (optional), create your home inspector website layout, add in your logo and business info, and set up your website content including free preformatted home inspection content

When I'm done, I send you an email advising you it's time for you to edit the text to your inspection business.
Its that easy!

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